Overcome Phone Addiction


What is Phone Addiction and How It Affects Us
Phone addiction may sound silly to some readers who remember a time before smartphones and 5G internet, but it is a real and serious issue plaguing thousands of people every single day. Consider another term for phone addiction – this term is referred to as “nomophobia,” which is the fear of being without a mobile phone.
This type of addiction is a disorder that involves the compulsive overuse of mobile devices. These compulsive habits are typically quantified by the total amount of time that a person is online within an average day, as well as the total number of times a person accesses their phone. However, compulsive overuse is just one facet of phone addiction.
This type of addiction is typically supplemented by concurring internet addiction. This is when a person cannot control their urges and behaviours regarding computer use and the internet. This can lead to someone suffering from psychological distress, as well as mental and physical impairment.



60% of U.S. college students believe they have a cell phone addiction. About 71% of people sleep with their phones nearby. Plus, 35% of people wake up thinking about their phones- only 10% of people think of their significant others first.

Many people feel as though they can not stay away from their phones for too long. It is important to reflect on how much time you are putting into your cell phone use.

With this guide you will learn how to minimize your phone addiction so you can maximize creativity, increase productivity, and get back time.

Topics covered:

  • How to beat cell phone addiction
  • 10 different signs of cell phone addiction
  • How to notice phone addiction in others
  • Why you should build connections with real people
  • Why social media is so addictive
  • 5 reasons why putting your phone away for 24 hours is healthy
  • Tips to avoid checking your phone too much
  • Why you want to step away from social media
  • Ways to avoid phone addiction
  • Resources to assist with phone addiction
  • What to do if your teen is addicted to their phone
  • The importance of limiting screen time
  • Why you don’t want to use your phone in bed
  • And much more!

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